Building The Mrs. Bar : Clear Spirits


I'm heading up a spectacular new project and am in the midst of a little R+D - when it's all finished you'll be decidedly delighted, this I guarantee! So to celebrate said project, I'll be appropriately titling this series "Building The Mrs. Bar..." - which will highlight all the must-haves for the most extraordinary libations by far! As with any big project I must start at the ground up - one foot in front of the other, let's begin with a booze round up! With that said, I'm kicking it off with my list of clear spirits - with a collection such as these, there really are no elixir limits! We've got the standards : vodka, tequila, white rums and gin - and I've also included pisco, saké and cachaça for the win! With these in your bar representing your clears - you'll have bottomless possibilities with which to pioneer - and every reason to raise your glass and cheers!

Belvedere Vodka / Cazadores Tequila / Malibu Rum / Bacardi Rum / Bombay Sapphire Gin / Don Cesar Pisco / Wokka Saké / Cachaça 61

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