The Mrs. Jewel Cabinet


A topic in which I'm rather passionate - is the inner makings of a Mrs. Jewel cabinet! Filled with the kind of baubles that dreams are made of - summing ungodly worths to shutter and be afraid of! Boasting a brilliance that's utterly stupendous - rich with secrets so monumentous - and stacked with treasures that are treacherously tremendous!  Juicy secrets aside, there is a divine order for said Mrs. loot - and all jewel cabinets must follow suit - with drawers organized by class to boot! Diamonds must always occupy the upper most chamber - housing them lower is considered naughty behavior! The costumery baubles will live in the center - visited frequently, the perfect home for such splendor! Lastly, the creature brooches, we store these in the lower levels - you know, you've got to keep an eye on those sneaky little devils! In a nut shell, or more appropriately a George Nelson Miniature Chest - I've gone justified the Mrs. Jewel Cabinet and corresponding inner workings at their best! Stock it well and position it prominently - talk about it often and guard it dominantly!

Diamond Drawers : Diamond Tiara / Verdura Diamond Ear Clips / Cartier Diamond Cluster Ring /Double Pear Shaped Diamond Drop Earrings

Costumery Baubles Drawers: Pink Schriener PinMint Tourmaline + Diamond Cocktail Ring / Van Cleef + Arpels Pin + EarringsGold + Rhinestone Demi Parure Necklace / Peridot + Pink Sapphire Earclips

Creature Brooches Drawers: Spider Brooch / Citrine Rooster Brooch / Turtle Brooch / Pussycat PinSea Serpent Brooch

Mrs. Jewel Cabinet : George Nelson 

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