The Official Mrs. Staff


While I'm in the midst of making grand introductions - I thought I'd take this time to present the fine ladies that aid in my production! The House of Lilien has been growing leaps and bounds - requiring the extra help to ensure continued success abounds. First up, the illustrious Miss Triglia, my esteemed assistant - sharp as a tack and boy is she consistent! She's stealthily orchestrates the media / marketing and PR - she runs a tight ship and shines like a star! She's the lady you want to talk to regarding Sponsor House and Mrs. Shoppe opportunities - you ought to follow her on twitter and while you're at it, welcome her to the Mrs. community. Next is the dashing Mrs. Graves, my trusty office matron - she's everything you'd hoped she'd be and even wears an apron! She tends my Mrs. schedule and keeps the office buzzing - she does it all with a smile which is really quite becoming. Mrs. Graves is consulted on all pertinent Mrs. matters - she cogitates the proper solution and humors my constant chatters. She's kept rather busy and hasn't time for tweeting - instead she gives the Mrs. filing a ferocious beating - followed by routine multi-tasking and ambitiously over achieving. Behold the Mrs. staff rather talented and astute - making things happen whilst smiling to boot!

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