Patio Cushionry


I recently acquired a vintage patio set similar to that above - to which there are no appropriate words to express how much I love! The eight piece [yes, eight piece] set is rather excessive - boasting 4 chairs and 1 large fan-back throne that has me all hot and obsessive - a love-seat, a chaise, and a large removable-tray table that's totally impressive. That said, I've got to update the patio cushionry - I need to bring it up to speed and make it all Mrs.-womanly! I've fallen head over heels with this Trina Turk collection - it speaks to my inner pool goddess and is aligned in my direction. I've sourced a few patterns that make my Mrs. heart go pitter patter - I'd love your opinion on which you think would be most fitting and patio-dapper. I could ponder the decision for months on end - but time is of the essence with summer right around the bend. I'd be so endlessly grateful if you'd lend me your advice - on which one of these patterns will complete my patio paradise! 

Please Lend me your preference in the comment section - and I promise to let you know my final selection!



Trina Turk for Schumacher

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