What A Mrs. Mother Needs...


It's high time I point out what a Mrs. Mother needs - just a few things to fancy her delights indeed! The day in which we shower mother - the lady in our lives that we love like no other - begs for brilliant goodies to decadently pamper and smother! What fun is drinking water sans the bubbles - gift her the Penguin and watch her water intake doubles! Speaking of intake, you might as well throw in a fabulous bar blender - she ought to have nothing but the best when she goes on another bender! Perhaps she's a mother who fancies the blingy things - just imagine the glow that these sparklers and vanity will brings! If she's a lady who lives on the patio - I'd be willing to bet she'd love these planters and chair y'know! To aid in her face's luxurious preservation - I recommend this whipped miracle cream without hesitation! These gorgeous stunners will certainly cut the glare and ease up on what she calls 'crows feet' - and there's no denying she'd fill this delightful little bowl with fancy treats - lastly I'd be willing to bet she'd do cartwheels with these flats on her feets! So there you have it, what a Mrs. Mother needs - each of these bleeds with my approved Mrs. suggestion indeeds!

Penguin Soda StreamTiffany & Co., Jean Schlumberger Five Leaves Spessartite Earrings / Aspinal of London, Vintage Vanity Case / Waring Pro Bar Blender / Fanteuil Re-Trouve Emu Chair / Elizabeth Dehn, Shea Cream / Linda Farrow, Octogonal Sunglasses / PAD, Outdoor PlantersJonathan Adler, Dachshund Bowl / Tory Burch, Eddie Patent Leather Flats

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