Lemon-Lime, So Divine!


Let's focus, for a moment, on the classic duo of lemon-lime - the official mascots of summer so tangy and sublime - that only get better whilst basking in the sunshine! Both are so bright and so very divine - effortlessly complimenting each other each and every time! The lemon so tangy, bright, and sour - is evened out by the lime's cool, refreshing power! A match made is citrus heaven, best friends forever - coming in for the win on their every endeavor!

Lemon : Vintage Yellow Topaz Earrings / Theory Yellow Maxi DressMonogrammed Playing Cards / Meyer Lemon Drop

Lime : Vintage Peridot Rhinestone EarringsOscar De La Renta Dress / Monogrammed Playing Cards / Skinny Margarita

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