Mrs. Selections For Mommy Dearest...


I was asked to contribute a Mother's Day spread to this month's issue of San Diego Mag - being the Mrs. Mother that I am, boy I had this one in the bag! I sourced goodies for moms of every make and model - those that like a little luxury and those that hit the bottle! Is she smitten for game night with the gals? Does she often cart her baubles to exotic locales? Who ever she is and what ever she adores - you ought to gift her something special that's for sures!

Spread also featured here, Thanks EWM!

1. Pink Purse: a playful place to keep her mommy money (seersucker Lacey, $195,
2. Champagne Coupe d’État: The coupe shape is prettier than a flute and holds more bubbles to boot (Olya cocktail glasses, $40,
3. Mother Stunners: tasteful bling befitting mommy ears (citrine sparklers, $1,100,
4. The Test of Time: an elegant way to tell her she’s withstood it with grace (Junghans table clock, $360,
5. Stately + Statuesque: a lovely new companion for Mother to dote upon (silver whippet statue, $190,
6. Bon Mint: a refreshing and sweet luxe bonbon to nosh on (Charbonnel et Walker mint truffles, $25,
7. Guardian Foo Pooches: the most stylish guardianship a mother could ever want (pair of citron foo dogs, $160,
8. Stir It Up: the ultimate sidekick for the mimosa brunch (champagne swizzle stick, $48.75,
9. Mommy Monogram: It might not be her actual initial, but it’s a letter she’s rather fond of (monogram pillow, $165,
10. Bauble Box: perfect for storing all of her beloved stunners (Savoy jewelry box, $509,
11. The Pampered Pouf: the perfect piece upon which to perch (Chakki ottoman, $450,
12. Dominoes: gorgeous for gaming with the gals (domino set, $138,


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