Mrs. Ask n' Tell!


Well, well, well it's been a while since I've openly answered your queries - there've been countless submissions inquiring about my Mrs. theories - so it is now that I pick up where I left off with this vibrant Ask Mrs. Lilien series. While most of these get answered privately - there are always a few that I answer out loud and rather excitedly! SO, without further ado - I've gone ahead and answered a few... 


Dearest NGH, 

I can't fathom a better beach-house-warming present - than a bundle of plush beach towels all lofty and pleasant! Nothing screams class like a set that's been monogrammed - thus allowing to fashionably stake one's claim on the sand. Perhaps you'd like to offer a nod at her stealth fashion sense - then I'd gift her a pile of Tory Burch towels and spare no expense! Should you find she's somewhere in between - you certainly can't go wrong with a classic cabana stripe all cheery and clean! What ever you end up deciding - I'm sure your towel gift will up the ante where sissy is newly residing!



Beach House Towels : Leontine Linens, Monogrammed Beach TowelPioneer Linens, Regatta Beach TowelTory Burch Towel

Dearest Annie, 

I've done some looking into some gifts that are decidedly rad - I think you'll find them splendidly fitting for your favorite grad! What better way to welcome them into adulthood than with a snazzy personalized embosser - the chicest way to sign the line on that fancy new job offer! Maybe your grad is practical and boasts sophisticated style - may I suggest a well appointed address book for their colleague's contacts to compile? Lastly, nothing beats a fine monogrammed cardi - a timeless little number that's perfect for the summer lawn party! Hopefully something from this stupendous little smattering - will find it's way to your grad and leave them fawning and flattering!



Grad Gifts : Personalized EmbosserAddress Book, J.Crew, Jackie Cardigan


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