Take Me To...


Take me to Capri - it's where I'd like to be! I'm a stellar travel buddy; I hold 2 degrees in leisure via independent study. I pack lightly and can hop a plane on a whim; my passport is current and begging for a spin! I can sniff out a glittering swimming pool within a 40 mile radius. Have I mentioned I'm adventurous and wildly spontaneous?! I speak a multitude of worldly dialects and with corresponding theatrical accents for the full effects! I'll keep local time, I'll chat you up in rhyme, and I'll even share my hip flask that's filled to the brim with wine! Great, so it's settled... we're going to Capri! We'll have a spectacular time, just you wait and see!

Capri Duchess / Satya Twena, Adrian Panama Hat / JCrew, Polka Dot Bikini / Paloma Barcelo,  Suede Dot Wedge / Philip Lim Sunglasses / ALC Stripe Maxi / Vintage Tiffany Travel Clock 

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