Mrs. Mojito


She's limey, she's minty, she's totally neato; she's none other than the illustrious Mrs. Mojito! This Mrs. has no shortage of flair; her effervescence is intoxicating, I beg you, beware! She dresses for the occasion, tall and sometimes doubled; she takes her time getting ready, it's not easy being muddled! Despite her pizzazz she's really quite agreeable; indulging in her daily presence is certainly foreseeable. She’s known to be fresh and occasionally naughty and when she's overly minted she becomes a little haughty. Fizzy, fabulous and down right hotsy-totsy; it's clear Mrs. Mojito spills over with moxie!

Emerald Earrings / Elizabeth + James, Kimono Maxi Dress / Bacardi / Muddler

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