The Art of Basking



Do you ever find yourself asking, “Just what goes in to the art of basking?” Despite it looking rather involved, it's not all that tricky. In fact, with just a few accoutrements you could be basking in a quickie! First you'll need a hooded beach cabana; this particular model above provides a splendidly shaded panorama. Next you'll need a sunning scarf with which to accessorize your coif; you'll want to secure it snugly so that it doesn't blow off. Lastly you'll need a snazzy pair of basking goggles in which to adorn your face: the quintessential basking accessory to boastfully showcase. Like I said, there's really nothing to it; I hope this little guide to basking beseeches you to pursue it!

Hooded Beach Cabana / Hermes Scarf / Prada Sunglasses / Image

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