The Mad Hattress


With a collection of fantastical hats and headdresses, a Mrs. can exercise various curiosities with which she obsesses. Like that of an elaborate bauble collection, a mad hattress can top her coif with brilliant perfection. What ever's looming large in her Mrs. imagination can probably be figured it out by her particular hat application. A seasoned hattress is well versed in being outwardly sensational; she's got a visual story to tell, and she makes it entertaining as well as educational! Perhaps she's feeling exotic - or even a little erotic - she can throw on that hat and become the expert on the topic. Maybe she's rubbing elbows with a gaggle of aristocrats! Well, believe you me; she's got a hat for that! Amongst the assortment must be a turban fashioned for a gypsy: the only topper to don whilst getting tipsy. Whatever the day, whatever the stage, regardless her story, regardless her age, ask a mad hattresses about her collection and she'll passionately engage!

Thai Temple Dancer Headdress / Purple Felt Fascinator / Oleg Cassini Straw Hat / Vintage Bob Mackie Headdress / Bergdorf Goodman Pillbox Hat / Adolfo Faux Leopard Fedora / Christian Dior Beaded Toque / Rhinestone and Feather Turban / Dior Tassel Turban

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