Introducing... Mrs. Lilien's Traveling Suitcase


So, I've got this bitchin’ suitcase, and gosh darn it I believe it deserves the right to go someplace! It's round and profound and quite worthy of gallivanting around. Not only that, but I've got a gaggle of jet set pals that live to travel, they live to trot globe, they live to dazzle. This said jet set gaggle often beg me the question, "Mrs. Lilien, where shall we holiday, please grant us your suggestion!" And so I mustered up the grandest of notions: to put my suitcase to the test and send my friends across open oceans! Thus, Mrs. Lilien's Traveling Suitcase is officially in motions! This column will regale the wildest of tales. Spanning the globe + divulging ferocious detail. If my suitcase could talk, oh the things it would unveil! Which leads me to my scheme: I'll be lending out my suitcase to go on the vacations of your dreams. My friends will then stock it full of the goodies that they'll require and then divulge to us the reasoning behind such fabulous attire! When it's said and done you'll know the who, what and where that went into my traveling suitcase…which may include racy underwear, so beware!

I'll kick things off tomorrow with two amazing sisters who just so happen to be two amazing fashionable figures!!

And, Oh!...don't you want to know?!

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