Mrs. Lilien's Traveling Suitcase with Liz Lange + Jane Wagman



If you aren't already familiar with these gals, then I think it's high time you meet Liz + Jane, the glorious subjects of my traveling suitcase rhyme. These fabulous ladies are sisters, of course; both ridiculously talented in their own right, a twosome tour de force. Liz is the arbiter of maternity high style and Jane is a graphic wizardress whose designs fantastically beguile! Together they are the masterminds behind Shopafrolic: a site that teases and tickles your inner shopaholic! I've lent them my suitcase and sent them off to Bora Bora and they've packed it to the brim with goodies that they adore-ah! They'll be holed up in an over water villa. They'll take to the town; they'll charter a small boat and wander around. Look out Bora Bora! Here come Liz and Jane. When their trip is over the island will never be the same!

I'll let them regale you with their fabulously classic banter - as they breakdown their Bora Bora must have items in perfect sister candor!

The Maxi Dress

Liz Lange: I love the look of a bikini popping out of a semi sheer caftan but I also love this with gold slides and big statement jewelry for night. 

Jane Wagman: I have nothing to add except I may try belting this for a slimmer look.

The Flips

Liz Lange: Tkees are the perfect flip-flops. I love the skin tone ones as they match your legs perfectly. Creates such a clean line. Sometimes flip-flops can look messy. Not these!

Jane Wagman: Ditto! My absolute fave flip-flops. I wear the nudes all the time but I also like the patent shiny colored ones for fun.

The Sun Hat

Liz Lange: Jane is crazily obsessed with sun hats and this weird site she found. That said they have great stuff for amazing prices. I don't really wear sun hats but this is a cute/simple one (I guess...).

Jane Wagman: Correction: I am not obsessed with sun hats. I am obsessed with not getting sun on my face. So if that's "crazy", I don't want to be sane. And yes, this is my absolutely favorite hat site. The first time I ordered I thought it was a joke and my hats/visors would never come but they did and were amazing. Before I knew about this site, I spent a bloody fortune on sun hats and visors that looked exactly like these! I just ordered this hat plus two visors all for $49??

The Suit

Liz Lange: Sometimes I think it is harder to pick a one piece than it is a bikini. I usually go for a skimpy bikini but Jane is obsessed with Eres bathing suits.

Jane Wagman: It's true! I prefer to buy one expensive bathing suit then a bunch of less expensive ones. Eres material is like butter. It molds to your skin in the softest most supple way while still holding you in just the right amount. I invest in a new one every few seasons but the old ones NEVER wear out. They are like magic. There is something super sexy yet elegant about a basic white suit. Throw on a caftan or sarong and you are set for lunch.

The Espadrilles

Liz Lange: Jane and I are just back from Paris and red, white and blue nautical is beyond the rage. We each bought these fab espies at the Castaner shop on the Faubourg but we found them for you online here. Pair them with denim, white, navy, black, yellow, khaki, red...

Jane Wagman: Castaner is THE best espadrille manufacturer in the world (they make them for YSL, Hermes...and have been doing so since 1927). I was desperate to get to their shop in Paris and I literally wore this pair out of the store. Think cropped pants and a striped boat neck tee

The Bauble

Liz Lange: I'm not a cameo kind of gal but Jane gets a million compliments on her ring. 

Jane Wagman: These are not your Grammy’s cameo! This is my favorite summer ring. It goes with everything and adds just a touch of color. I love the modern take on the old style. That said these are all hand carved the old-fashioned way. The details are amazingly beautiful. They mix all different kinds of materials: python, turquoise, leather, shell, bronze...ebony. 

The Aviators

Liz Lange: We've tried on every pair of aviators and for some reason Tom Ford seems to have nailed it. I never go away without two pairs of sunglasses: One wire frame and one Jackie O oversized plastics. 

Jane Wagman: I love the 1970s Diane-Lane-in-cinema-vérité look of these aviators. I love love love when you can see eyes through glasses. And yes, I too never go on a vacation with out two pairs of sunnies in my bag

The Vintage Bauble

Liz Lange: Ahhh, the magic of gold and coral. This 1960s looking necklace is uber uber. Would transform any outfit. 

Jane Wagman: When I travel I like to pick one or two great statement pieces that go with everything else and just rotate them. 


Liz Lange: As Jane and I were walking up Madison Avenue yesterday, on the first sunny day in foreva, she pulled this out of her bag and applied. We know we have posted this before, but seeing Jane use it on the streets of NYC made me want to share again. I use this when I sit in the sun, but I never think to put it on in the city. It is the perfect everyday sun block as it literally feels like nothing on your skin.

Jane Wagman: We did post this and I tried to explain its majesty then. It's perfection and deserves to be posted again and again until all of you get it! Here's what I said: If sunscreen causes you to breakout (like moi), this is the product for you. My facialist Aida Bicaj (AKA Guru) introduced me to this product. It is a POWDER (yup) with SPF30. I use "perfectly clear" which is invisible, but you can get a darker color and use it as foundation.

So there you have it, their French Polynesian suitcase essentials! Consider it law; these ladies in the know are very influential!

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