The Mrs. Bedside Table


A Mrs. bedside table shan't be mistaken for just any other. Upon every nook and pull there's so much to discover! The keeper of many high secrets - the holder of items so genius - the Mrs. bedside table oozes with illusive uniqueness! Let's start with the unassuming bedside table toppers: no usual suspects here, you can bet your bottom dollars! I'm crazy for this saucy little carafe; shaped like a pill to make you chuckle and laugh! Next we'll examine the bedside top shelfers; items that should never be arranged helter-skelter! These are your lotions, balms, sprays + pills...the items you hold sacred; you’d be devastated should they spill! Lastly, the bedside tabletop secrets - the very items of indulgent convenience; you know, those naughty things that you don't openly discuss...the favored secret treasures that make you giggle and blush! These are most commonly stowed beneath the table and only really brought to life when you are spirited and able. I hope you've enjoyed this Mrs. bedside table exposition! May your bedside table be inspired by my spirited supposition.

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p.s. Mrs. Graves, this one's for you!

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