Decor8 : The Book!


This glittering tome by the illustrious Mrs. Becker is spilling over with decor inspiration that couldn't be better! Aptly titled, Decorate spills its guts on the ins and outs, on how to dress up one's apartment, condo or sprawling house. In the above figure, Mrs. Becker gives us an inside look at a special little "case study" she's featured in her book. This dazzling one-room living abode is a decorator's delight a la mode! What's not to hopelessly love about splashy floor-to-ceiling paper and in that saturated zebra repeat you'd be hard-pressed to find any greater! It appears as though there’s magic within this book's pages with design ideas that cater to elaborate floor plans and unique spaces! Three cheers for Mrs. Becker for giving us an insider's look. To indulge even further,'ll have to buy the book!

Brava, Holly on a fabulous job well done. Thank you for doing the legwork and sharing this with everyone!



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