New Schooler Wine Cooler... for one


There's nothing quite like a party of one, which is why drinking alone can be so much fun! You can make something fancy without all the pomp and keep it all for yourself, which, let's face it, is what you really want! So here I give you my New Schooler Wine Cooler for one: all the indulgent 80s naughtiness, but a lot more fun! In a jumbo cocktail coup, the biggest on you can find, fill three quarters full with a chilled half-bottle of white wine. Top off the glass with sparkling lemon lime energy water and two ice cubes; float raspberries and lime slices, cheers + consume. Turn on a little Hall + Oats if it so behooves; sit back and cool down with some smooth 80s grooves.

De Bortoli Wine / Hi Ball / Cocktail Coupe

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