Happy Holiday Weekend


I truly live for holiday weekends, and this one is no different - in fact, I'm headed into this one with enchanting bewilderment! For the first time in what feels like weeks, we've very little plans - which means I might get to laze about and dilly-dally if I cans! I'm sure there'll be lots of fun to be had - sunbaking and BBQ-ing at the Lilien pad - and all of course whilst leisurely clad. In all of the fun, I'll have to get some work done on this pretty little blog - it's been a busy summer and it hasn't helped that my Mrs. head was in the fog. I sincerely do my best to get it all done - but there are times that I fail at being everything to everyone. With all the many hats that I wear - there are times that I struggle, piss, moan and swear - to get it all done right while remaining debonair. I always put on a smile and wear it with pride - but I too have those days where I'm toiling inside. The one thing that keeps me sane and on the right track - is taking a moment to recognize and appreciate all that I have. In my toughest of times it's my gratitude that gets me through - I am so fortunate to have what I have and to do what I do. When I come from this place everything effortlessly simmers down - making it so very simple to turn my frown upside down. I'd bet a billion bucks that I'm not the only one - and that many of you struggle with the same conundrum. My best advice is to ask for help when you need it - slow things down when you feel defeated - and when your feeling better the stars will realign, I guarantee it! And with that I'll end my self help spiel - I hope your holiday is nothing short of ideal!!

I'll see you Tuesday!



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