Mrs. Yachts-A-Lot


If you love the type that laughs, imbibes, and talks a lot, well then, I must introduce you to Mrs. Yachts-A-Lot! She's endless fun and quite the seafaring lass; she lives for boating... she yachts first class. She's got her a fifty-footer; a real beaute and quite the looker. She takes the gals out for afternoon cruises and stocks the galley with copious bottles of boozes so that they can get their party on while they sun bake, gossip and schmoozes. All hail Mrs. Yachts-A-Lot, the arbiter of yacht-chic... a Mrs. who's company you really ought to keep!

Opening Ceremony, Nautical Jacket / Captain's Hat /Yellow Lense Aviators / Starfish EarringsTodd's, Country Club Yellow Loafers / Marlin Cup / Moet ChandonStars + Stripes One Piece


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