A Mrs. lilien + kelly wearstler style post



It's every Mrs.'s natural born right to accessorize with abandon; to take fashion into her own hands whether plotted or at random. Owning her style and rocking it like nobody's business; oozing a confidence that's both humble and auspicious while never shying away from being fashionably expeditious! These are just a few of my own style theories and something that's captured heroically in this maiden Kelly Wearstler series. Madame Wearstler, known for her bold statements, has just launched her ready-to-wear collection that's fiercely audacious! In the spirit of KW and in celebration of ferocious fashionable Mrs.’s far and wide I don this magnificent marquetry scarf with abounding pleasure and pride! So go on, trot off, you know you must; it's www.kellywearstler.com or bust!

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