Mr. + Mrs. Naughty Weekend Away


Yes, that's right, you read correct...perhaps I haven't introduced this sultry duo yet?! They are a randy couple I will wholeheartedly admit; 'tis true there were things in this post I had to omit, but if I said I wasn't smitten with this pair I'd be a liar and a hypocrite. Their story is simple and seductive; they're weekend bedroom warriors that are erotically productive. They live for spontaneous getaways that are luxuriously decadent in every ways. She with her peek-a-boo corsetry and fancy feathered lashes and he with his mustache waxes looking fetching in his classic black sunglasses. They are wildly romantic, both fun loving and charismatic. These lovers are the sultans of room services; between the sheets they're whirling dervishes and their favorite souvenir is the door hanger...'please no disturbances!'

Kraken Rum / Jimmy Choo, Scalloped Lace Pumps / Beauty Is Life, Feather LashesDavid Webb, Onyx + Gold Earrings / Willow Corset / Nars, Eyeliner StyloManly Things / Anthony, Whisker Lifter Shave Brush / Captain Fawcett Mustache Wax

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