Mrs. R+R


You can't blame a Mrs. for putting herself first; the ones that know their limits need never be coerced. A little R+R can really do a gal some good; it sure shoos away the crazies better than any wizard could. With a comfy place to lounge, a hair brush and vessel of her favorite sauce, perhaps a sweet treat, some nail polish and a good read to page across, she'll be good as new in no time, ready to show the world who's boss. Should you be ailing and in need of a little recess, I beg you follow Mrs. R+R's lead to relive you of your stress!

My Boyfriend's Back Pillow / JA Xanax Canister / Calypso, Herbe D'ete Bougie Parfume Candle / Nars, Arabesque Polish / Gin Bottle / The Elements Of Style / Mason Pearson Hair BrushThe Greatest Cupcake

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