a mrs bedtime companion



Last month over an uproarious email exchange with Mister Adler - I professed my adoration for his hubby, Mister Doonan, who couldn't be fabber! Before I knew it our emails became a party of three - with Mister Doonan chiming in it was a full blown jubilee! Next thing I know his latest book arrived on my doorstep - I scooped her right up and hit the deck! What soon followed were riotous fits of laugh-out-loud giggles - indulgent gasps set off by his tongue-in-cheek missiles! From cover to cover I was charmed with naughty delight - shocked, teased and charmed by all it's razor sharp might! Last week over breakfast both Misters and I wildly chatted - recounting the wondrously wayward chapters that are so stupendously slanted! The giggles that ensued were wickedly ferocious - the kind that left onlookers gawking at our boldness. The moral of the story, you really must read this book - I promise when your through, you'll be so thrilled you partook!!!!

Gay Men Don't Get Fat

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