Planning Le Patio



It's about this time each year that I begin to ponder - just what my patio needs in order to pop it's proverbial collar. While last year I had high hopes of realizing my re-upholstery dreams - I blew it on pulling the trigger so it seems. Instead, my vintage patio set is still rocking the vintage forest greens [insert screams!!!] This spring I'll be dedicating my "free time" to sprucing up le outdoors - filling it up with the kinds of goodies I wholeheartedly adores. I've had my eye on a few different pieces - like a new lounger and a frouffy white umbrella that swooshes in the breezes. I'm thinking all white with explosive bursts of color - an outdoor sanctuary that dazzles quite like no other. A perfect little place to steal off to and glamorously bask - put together so well, it causes visitors to gasp! This is my vision, and here's to making it happen - let's hope I pull this one off in a more timely fashion!

Frou Frou Parasol / Leisure Lounger / Robe Rack / Seahorse Statuettes / Fire Pit / Green Outdoor Pillow / Orange Outdoor Pillow

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