Jewel Me


There's little that I obsess about more than personal decoration - adornments and baubles seem to endlessly dominate my fascination. To say I'm merely partial to statement jewelry would be a wild miscalculation - for I essentially live by the book of statement, connotation by connotation! That said, it shan't be a great surprise that JewelMint and I collided - for amongst their current collection, there are some statement pieces that have me pretty delighted! So much so that they've given me free reign to bestow 5 statement pieces to a reader of my choosing - I'll be hosting the giveaway this Friday, so tune in then as it's sure to be fabulous + amusing! In the meantime, sign up and become a member - annnd, if you click >here< to sign up, you'll get -50% off your first purchase of JewelMint splendor! Click on over to start perusing + oogling - for Friday is closely looming... it'll sneak up on you, no fooling!

Midnight Prowl Ring / Daisy Earrings / Sugar Pop Earrings / Rock Citrus Earrings / Fringe Cuff / Traffic Gem Earrings / Starburst Ring

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