Mrs. Bauble Giveaway




It's really quite rare that I jump at the chance to give goodies away - as I usually find them somewhat passé. This time however the goodies at hand were pretty fabby - in fact, the mere idea of bestowing them turned me all kinds of happy! Who in their right mind doesn't love to add new treasures to their bauble collection?! Especially pieces that are teeming with pure MRS approved perfection! Obvi, I've tried them all on and have given them my upstanding glittery thumb - they are all bold and statementy and then some! SOOOO.... here's the scoop, troop - Tell me why you need these baubles + which piece in the JewelMint collection is your FAVORITE... the best excuse wins the whole group! Tell me which piece you love + give me your best reasoning - and you may just win the above gaggle right in time for holiday seasoning!! To view the whole JewelMint kit and caboodle - you'll need to sign up for full perusal. Not to worry, it's free and rather fun - there's no obligation involved so you can always window shop n' run. You'll want to get right on it as I'm announcing the winner on Monday via Twitter - send me all you got so you can win this heaping pile of glitter!!
Happy weekending!!



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