Mrs. Dark + Stormy


Behold Mrs. Dark + Stormy, perhaps you've already met? You'll know her when you see her, she strikes a rather mighty silhouette. She walks the razor's edge between robust and snappy - spend just a few minutes with her and no doubt you'll be pretty darn happy! It goes without saying she's somewhat dark, decadent and mysterious - but she boasts a zesty little zing that's delightfully curious. She may very well be dark and dangerously spicy - yet her little twist of zip kinda makes her twice and nicey!

Goslings Black Seal Rum / Barr's Ginger Beer / Burberry Prorsum Crepe Gown / Vintage Mink Stole / Vintage Mink Clip-on Earrings / Yves Saint Laurent Satin Lime Clutch

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