Mrs. BOOcocktail Punch


Huzzah! It's halloween! It's time to make a huge vat of something boozy + mean! I wanted to surprise you all with something spectacular - so I accessed my secret vault of madness for a libation of an elevated caliber. What I came up with was a brew so powerful and potent - a mysterious and bewitching cocktail with some curious components. Behold! I give you my Mrs. BOOcocktail Punch - an otherwordly elixir with that extra MRS touch.

I certainly hope you mix up a cask - proceed to get all kinds of wicked behind that freaky mask!

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!


Birch Bark Straws / Black Goblets / Kettle One / Grand Marnier / Bat's Eye / Royal Rose Raspberry Syrup / San Pelligreno, Aranciata Rossa / Eye Lashes / Hella Bitter / Moet / Cadac Cauldron

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