Mrs. Pumpkin Carving Templates



I'd like to have a word with whomever stated that Halloween was to be all blood, guts and gore - clearly, they haven't stepped foot through my Mrs. door - as spirited glam is something I'm totally for! So, in the festive mood of Halloween - I thought I'd whip up some special Mrs. Lilien pumpkin carving figurines! I knew they'd just tickle your fancy and get you in that carving mood - I mean really, who wouldn't want their pumpkin rocking some radical Mrs.-tude?! So here is just a little somthin-somthin' from me to you - a little shot of Halloween fun that I certainly hope you actually do!

I'd LOVE to see your finished Mrs. pumpkins - be sure to send me photos of them perched outside your dazzling dungeons!

Click this magic link to download le template -->Mrs. Lilien's Pumpkin Carving Templates

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