Me, Trina + Everything But Water


What's so far beyond fabulous that it almost seems dream-like, you ask? Why, being summoned to interview Trina Turk about her 2013 Resort collection and considering it a "work-related" task! Everything But Water orchestrated the fabby tête-à-tête - and the above photograph is but a mere snippet of our über enchanting day! See more pictures and read my Q&A here. Trina bestowed me a private viewing of what she has up her glittering tunic sleeve - I witnessed her exclusive resort collection she produced for Everything But water in which is sure to beguile and please! Known for her magniloquent prints and her primo "vin-tahj" tenor - this particular resort assemblage is an unstoppable collection on every measure! After fondling, oogling and gasping over every single piece - I was left longing for one way tickets to Santorini, Greece! I cannot wait to get my mitts on this caboodle of snazzy resort costumery - in which case I'll pointedly masquerader about and I'll do so quite fabulously! You can too: Pin to Win a $1,000 Everything But Water dream getaway wardrobe - so that your resort-ready and primed to jetset the globe!!


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