Thanksgiving Secret Weapons


Secret weapons? Yes, like demons in our closets, we've all got 'em! Depending on when we pull them out, they're usually spot on! Thanksgiving happens to be a common occasion in which we all turn to our secret weapons - and it's usually through trial and disaster that we learn these valuable secret lessons. In my many years of hosting this noteworthy feast - I've also learned the ways of my weapons to say the very least! So today I thought I'd share with you 2 of my favorite Thanksgiving secrets - the 2 things that without fail take 2 common condiments from ho-hum to genius! The first is the addition of Jack Daniels to my turkey gravy - I use this in lieu of wine, and my is it ridiculously tasty! My second weapon of delectable delight is dousing my heavy whipping cream with E&J Brandy - a little dab will do 'er, making the end result a creamy fluff of booze laden candy! Neither of these secrets are difficult to administer - but over the years they've become a coveted Mrs. signature!

So, have you any fabuouls Tday secret weapons? Ones that create dishes that has everyone lining up for seconds? Are you willing to share your genius? If so divulge to me your deepest Thanksgiving secrets!!

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