Mrs. Guilty Pleasures #3



Alright friends, I'm bringing out my guiltiest of big guns here - the above pleasure is usually only something I'd divulge to my single closest peer! What I'm about to say may bring about epicurean shock and awe...but,  this dish would be my last meal request prior to permanently nodding off! There isn't one redeeming quality about this infamous casserole - but put a steaming hot bowl upon my place setting and I loose all poise and control! I detest stumbling upon altered versions of this vintage classic - don't they get it?! It's not supposed to be "skinny", elevated or organic!!! The original formula is the one I swear by and the one I've enjoyed for decades - and despite Mr. Lilien turning up his "high brow" nose, I always receive the most sincerest of accolades! The ingredients are simple and basically all pantry mainstays - it's a great way to clean out that can cabinet anyways! The best way to start is to cook the egg noodles - while that's going you can start opening cans by the oodles! In the baking dish add the tuna, chopped onion, peas and cheddar cheese - add your cream of mushroom soup with a little milk if you please. Season the salmagundi with salt and pepper - then add the cooked + strained noodles to that pile of pleasure. Give the casserole a stir to properly combine the ingredients - top with a few handfuls of crushed potato chips to make it even more epicuriously devious. Pop that baby into the oven and let her bake and bubble - you must let it cool for 5+ minutes in order to keep your tongue and esophagus out of serious trouble. 

So there you have it, my most indulgent of pleasures - all hail the Tuna Noodle Casserole and all her tasty splendors!

Enamel Baking Dish / Wooden Spoon / Enamel Bowls

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