Mrs Fit



"When you eat like a trucker and drink like a sailor - you simply must workout so you don't begin to resemble the broad side of a glacier!" These words roll fresh off the lips of Mrs. Fit - that lean looking gal with the tightest kit. She works her tail off in order to keep that booty tight - it's not an easy job maintaining that kind of dynamite. Even during high festive season you'll see her hitting the gym - but that's exactly why she eats + drinks you under the table, yet manages to stay splendidly thin! She's all about maintaining in order to counter act her most coveted poisons - just so that she can get her cake, and devour it with the sincerest of enjoyments!!

Off to Class Cardi / Top / Stella McCartney Tights / Stella McCartney Diorite Adizero Runners / Alexander McQueen Aviators / Lulu Lemon Towel / Bobble Filter Water Bottle / Reed Krakoff Gym Bag / Spin + Pilates SPX

Fashion, Leisure
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