Holiday GlamTails


I don't know about you, but I'm all about simple ideas with explosive returns - simply put, Martha Stewart caliber but suited for us amateurs! When it comes to the art of bedazzling, I don't like to make a fuss - and when forced to 'hard core craft' I usually spit, stomp + cuss! That said, every now n' again I'm good for a genius move or two - I've been known to style it up here and there, hey I promise, it's true! This holiday season I'll be concocting all sorts of holiday decor + cocktail party delights - I'll be showcasing them on this Holiday Cocktail Party Pinterest board that's teeming with fabulous ideas, sips + bites! See the above figure and note the magnificent simplicity - stabbing a snazzy brooch through a paper straw you have a fancy sipper that's oozing with festivity! Let's hear it for GlamTails - and fabulously fun details!! I've got a whole treasure trove of every Charming Charlie bit + bauble - that I'll be turning into festive decorum for all to hone + coddle. So keep your eyes peeled and do tune in - try a few on for size... I promise the outcome will leave you swoonin'!!

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