Mrs. America



I proudly introduce to you, Mrs. America - she's all kinds of patriotic and rather political in particulah! She's that kinda gal that's always so eloquent and informed - the type that's positive to the core and usually enthusiastically adorned! You love to love her because she's spirited and passionate - and yes, she's one ferocious voting advocate! Yet she'll endlessly pester you to vote with her perfect peppy smile - while she reminds you that it's your civic duty and totally worth your while.  She'll ask you a million times whether or not you've cast your ballot - she'll bug you about it till you swear you'll hit her with a mallet! But we love Mrs. America for that very reason - she gets us off our booties to act upon what we believe in! 

"So go on you, yes you - get up and vote gosh darn it, it's the American thing to do!!!"

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