Mrs. November


Why, we mustn't forget about Mrs. November - for it's Topaz season and her noted time of splendor! She's a toasty gal, all warm and spicy - when Thanksgiving is looming she gestures spirited + lively! While some live for summer and all things bright - she prefers a Maple Leaf Cocktail and the coziness of flickering candle light. Mrs. November can really light a room on fire - her warm hypnotic glow mimics that of a steamy cup of cider! If you've got a Mrs. November in your life, consider yourself quite lucky - and should you be without, I urge you to hustle up and get you some of that honey!

Vintage Topaz Earrings / Rachel Gilbert Dress / Bulleit Bourbon / Cinnamon infused Maple Syrup / Jimmy Choo Crock Pump / Emile Henry Pie Dish

Baubles, Fashion
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