Mrs Rudolph



I thought it only fitting to bring up the most festive Mrs of the season - a title you don't just get for any old reason! I'm thrilled to introduce the Lovely Mrs. Rudolph - a holiday player who's very much involved. Sure she stays behind the scenes, never one to overshadow - the importance of the usual Christmas suspects who typically execute this jolly fiasco. Nevertheless she quite the dutiful duchess - and one I should mention doesn't put up with any bupkis! She keeps her husband organized, scheduled and always on time - she dotes upon him proudly and can even recite his legendary tale in rhyme!! As the Chief Mistress of Festivities far up north - she keeps the moral jumping as the crew goes back and forth. She organizes fun and games for all the friends at the pole - and even referees the Christmas Reindeer Bowl! Let's hear it for this deer sweet Mrs - if it weren't for her, there probably wouldn't be a Christmas!! Let's all partake in a festive libation - as we settle down and enjoy this holiday situation!

I wish you all a most magnificent holiday, one that's oozing with happiness and cheer!!

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