mrs. bureau



There are few things as spectacular and eccentric as the items atop a Mrs. Bureau. Some are far more indulgent than others, which I'm sure you already know. What you won't find are mindless knick-knacks and extraneous matter - for, a Mrs. Bureau is kept tidy with items that inspire, fulfill and flatter. I beg you take a close look and examine your own workspace... perhaps it boasts an uncanny resemblance, or better yet lends inspiration for you to embrace! What ever the situation a Mrs. Bureau must be tended with thoughtfulness and care - and remember to always leave something naughty out that's worthy of a daunting stare!

Match, Lidded Oval Box / El Caso Scissors / Smythson, I'm Gorgeous / Lexon, Roller Pen + Base / Smythson, Guilty Pleasures / El Caso, Letter Opener / Match, Small Pewter Hourglass

Gifting, Leisure
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