The Mrs. Office



It should come to no surprise that I spend countless hours in my office - in case you thought otherwise, I'm no hard-working nauvice! That being said, I've recently decided to up my office's ante - by celebrating the space and toning down it's tendency to be shanty. I've done away with my 'office chair' and brought in a swivel lounger - it's so much more fabulous and 10 times less "downer"! I've made a point to sprinkle silly things about that make me giggle - after all, inappropriate office humor is positively beneficial! My office would be nothing if it didn't house those important things - such as a red pen, a shredder and an hour glass to kick you in the proverbial shin. I've added ambient lighting and laid down some splashy floor bling - I tossed out my tired old desk for this glass top number that makes me sing. I'm beginning to embrace this un-dungeon-y space - it's beginning to feel less prison-ish and more like my lived-in happy place!

Chair / Pillow / Inbox / Pen / Shredder / Scissors / Hour Glass / Lamp / iMac / Desk / Rug

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