Mrs. Makeup : Bold Faced Beauty



The bold faced beauty, oh yes, you've seen her before - she's the anonymous siren you follow with your eyes and yet pretend to ignore - truth be told, her fearlessness you hopelessly adore!! She's fresh faced and pretty yet bestows a captivating semblance - she pulls off the extraordinarily saturated lip with unwavering excellence. Ah yes, you know that face I'm referencing - the one that's clean, bold and refreshing! Let's pull that look off the shelf and try her on for size - you know, a little neon lipstick can be so pleasing on the eyes.

To accomplish this bold faced look you must first brighten and even out the skin - applying an excellent  Beauty Balm will vivify a radiance from forehead to chin.

Then come the cheeks, those rosy little plums - they should appear flushed + pink like you've gone said something dumbs!

On to the lashes, which are simply painted black - I suggest 1-2 coats, no need to shellac.

Finally the lips, the Bold faced pièce de résistance - a ferocious neon pink that you're gonna wanna flaunt! Let your lips to the talking - paint it on thick and let the onlookers do the gawking!

So there you have it, the Bold Faced Beauty look demystified - now haul off to the powderoom and go get beautified!

Dr. Jart, BB Cream / Kevin Aucoin Beauty, Creamy Glow Blush / Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara / Bobbi Brown Neon Pink Lipstick

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