Mrs lilien Guest edits for trina turk!!



You could hardly imagine my delight when this little nugget crossed my desk - the opportunity to slide right in to Trina Turk's Spring 2012 catalogue as an editing guest!! I skipped, clapped and jumped over the mention of such a proposition. Needless to say, I shimmied hips first into the project with wild ambition! She summoned my signature quips + welcomed my cocktail party tips. So I gave it my Mrs. all and delivered my wits and tricks. The "Country Club Coquette" themed collection served as a glittering muse - as Mrs. Turk's ferocious talents were certainly put to good use. Mrs. Turk painted a picturesque silhouette of the country club coquette lifestyle and I chimed in with a slew of my favorite cocktail party tips. The end result is an explosive mise-en-scene of clubette fabooshness at your very fingertips! Yes, I said fingertips as this catalogue is hitting the streets. Perhaps it's on it's way to your mailbox in the coming weeks! Color yourself lucky should you get your hands on one... this catalogue collab-o-ganza is just oozing with fun!

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