Mrs. Lilien's Health Elixir



Yesterday while many were guzzling beers + sucking down chili cheese nacho dip with buffalo chicken wing spoons - I was delightfully kicking my heels up, sipping a magical concoction and enjoying the afternoon. Fret not, I'm no schmaltzy hipster - I'm just a regular gal who enjoys a good healthy elixir! But seriously, for all the hooch I consume on a regular basis - I must do what I can to boost my liver who's status is probably hellacious! While I certainly didn't invent this particular combination - I must say, it's a pretty brilliant and tasty liquid medication! I call it the Health Elixir / aka : apple-carrot-beet-ginger-kale juice - and, it's something that I wildly abuse. Juicing it yourself can be quite the ordeal, although hands-down worth it - but I oft cheat and get it made at Whole Food$ (don't curse it!) Either way you swing it I can't recommend it enough - it's the perfect pick-me-up when your feeling rough and tough!

Breville Ikon Juicer / Boot Mug

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