Mister Valentine



Valentines Day isn't just for us supercilious dames - those men in our lives sure do love it when we fuel their flames! I say forget cliche v-day standbys - and go for something that'll make him capsize! Is he a fragrance guy? Then make him Marvelous, and provide him a hefty supply! Perhaps he likes chocolates and loves getting a little risqué? Gift him a game of chocolate masquerade for the two of you to play! He's a man with a thing for expensive shoes? He needs a monthly shoe subscription, I promise you won't loose! No matter the man, straight, gay, wholesome or swinger - you can bet your bottom dollar he'll squeal over a sixer of man elixir! Weather you like it or not, be sure and keep his best interests in mind - and, feel free to "over-do" it, should you feel so inclined. 

Byredo, Mister Marvelous / The Ultimate Shoe Subscription / Paul Smith Striped Socks / Vosges, A Game of Chocolate MasqueradeUniform Wares, 250 Series Steel Watch / Drakes, "Dancing Steps" Pocket Square / PBR

Pssst... LA peeps, Barneys is hosting a mega sale this weekend that I think you'll want to attend - with V-day fast approaching, a spree at BNY is something I highly recommend! [supporting reasons listed above! wink-wink]



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