Le Love Bauble


Allegiance trophies, devotion ornaments and tokens of love - are things a loving Mrs. can truly never have enough of! While gifts of profound lavishness mustn't happen daily - a surprise love bauble every now n' again is an essential for every taken lady! An out-of-the-blue gesture of significant measure (in the form of a love bauble that you know she'll treasure) is a blingy badge of devotion sure to bring her endless pleasure! Mr. Lilien, my dearest + sincerest, recently bestowed me the above glittering beauty - thus, wearing it proudly has become my solemn duty. So, if you ever wondered what it was that made lasting love tick - it's the love baubles that are the secret behind every successful partnership!!

(Feel free to pass this on as educational marriage literature.)

I love you TJL!!!


Mrs. Lilien

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