The Laundry Line-Up


My devotion to the domestic arts and my ardent love of laundering - may very well be a concept that most find disturbing and astonishing. While I may not be able to settle those minds regarding my quirky domestic ways - I can certainly shed light on my favorite detergents, boosters and dryer sachets!! With the amount of weekly laundry that I (blissfully) accommodate - I am beyond well versed in the many potions that proven to dominate. I find that natural products clean, brighten and freshen just as great - and yet are sans the harsh chemicals which have tendency to coat and deteriorate. I love a good concentrated cleaning agent - Mrs. Meyers products are superb and naturally fragrant! When it comes to color safe bleaching - this Vaska Oxygen Brightener will leave your brights utterly gleaming! For spots and stains, again, Vaska knows best - and for those persnickety areas, a bit of Borax and this Laundress Stain Brush will take care of the rest. For most drying cycles I toss in a Method Dryer Cloth - these can be used more than once and make the loads super soft! For towels, linens, and fancy lingerie - I'm in love with these Lavender Dryer Sachets! So there you have my quintessential laundry line up list - the necessary arsenal for any laundry enthusiast!!

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