my nyc conspectus




Last week's NYC whirlwind was quite the to do - so, I'm gonna to my best to break it all down for you!There's nothing like checking yourself in to a fancy hotel - the Mondrian Soho is a rather sublime place to dwell. The rooms are top notch and the service is stellar - I'd happily return and would do so with pleasure! 



If you are a meatloaf lover - Cafe Select's version is truly like no other! I partook in such delights alongside Mr. +Mrs Ringbom - which ended up being a fabulous booze + meat induced chat-a-thon!


When ever possible, I make it a must to dine with my favorite power couple - each time it gets luder, these boys can really get you in trouble! Upon opening my matching little gifts - they decided to do this ^ - which sent me into laghter fits! They insisted on a photo - so, JA + SD here you go!





Upon my arrival at JAHQ - I was greeted with the warmest of welcoms by this frenchy-poo. It wasn't untill 3 minutes into the lickfest that I began to record - this little friend had a bare leg fetish and thus my lower limb became the reward!


Step into the world of JAdler and you never know what you'll find - gravity pulled me towards this vignet... I wonder why!

Every time I do the big city, I always bring my A-game - Dressed to the Mrs. hilt and owning my domain. I don my colors proudly yet I don't seem to easily blend in - I get a lot of strange looks as if I'm bringing a new trend in. Looks and stares, Oh I really don't cares - I'm a lady who loves color + not afraid to rock my Mrs. flairs!

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