the scent of a mrs


I recently took myself scent shopping - who was I to not have a signature scent?! Why that's just shock-n'-awe-jaw-dropping!! After acquainting myself with the various noses of fragrance - I knew I wanted something floral, fruity + vivacious. Whilst on my quest for something fabulously floruity - I was intoxicated by various scents that were sexy, fresh + super moody! I thought I'd break down my favorites from the common-ish categories - these particular scents stuck out as reigning their respective territories. Should you be a lover of fresh marine scents or partial to all things spicy - I've curated my top selections and they're all pretty darn nicey!! I won't leave you hanging, I'll satisfy your burning question - I ended up taking home Chloe... it's my newest signature scent obsession!

Floriental : YSL Parisienne / Chypre : Narciso Rodriguez for Her / Marine : Giorgio Armani, Aqua Di Gioia / Spicy : Tom Ford, Black Orchid / Floruity : Chloe

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