Dinner Party Priorities


While there are many important aspects involved in planning a serious dinner party - everyone knows that the table and the hostess are at the tippy top of the hierarchy. So, for this Ultimate Dinner Party that I'm hosting with Town & Country - nary a detail has been overlooked to ensure both table and toastmistress ooze perfect pageantry. I've had the utmost pleasure of coordinating a rather elite mise-en-scène with the masterly folks from FCI catering and events. Thanks to their stealth creativity we've been able to curate an evening fit for queens and presidents! 

Our table is to be sprinkled with all sorts of decadent stationery - which of course will come from none other than Mrs. John L Strong, whose work is legendary. She'll be pulling out all the stops for this said dinner soiree - providing glittering paper accoutrement that will dance upon display.

No table is truly complete sans a heaping gaggle of couture crystal - which is a cardinal component to upping the table's twinkle. We turned to William Yeoward Crystal for our table's crystal quotient. They opened up their entire collection which yielded quite the baller moment! That being said, this table of mine is sure to dazzle - like a glittering princess castle!

Spirited guests needn't be left devoid of cocktail time treats - why, they need substance prior to taking their dinner seats! The fine mini morsels that will grace the mouths of guests - hail from the fertile felids of Virginia and are known as MV's Best. There's nothing quite like a tasty nut - to satisfy a carousing taste bud.

Now, let's move on to the ever-important hostess, shall we? This might be my favorite part because, well, that's me! I'm a staunch believer that the hostess's ensemble ought to mirror her planned affair - she must look polished, pristine and as if she pulled it together without a care.

The amalgamation of her hostesses costumery is a moment of crowning glory - the frock, the baubles, the face, the hair, they all tell a most marvelous story. Her baubles must bling - stop conversations and make guests sing. She who dons the giant Carelle bauble - most certainly is the Mrs. unstoppable.

Beyond the blinding of the bling - must come the blinding of another thing - her hostess's glowing complexion is everything. The skin's semblance should light up a room - like a beacon in the night, like the light of the moon. With a daily dedication to complexion correction - and a little boost from Ioma, you'll indeed establish complexion perfection!

As mentioned above there are endless layers of a hosting a dinner party with which to obsess. However if the table and the hostess are on point, the evening is sure to be a major success!

Frock / Pumps + Clutch


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