what a mom wants


Alright, so here's the deal : we don't want flowers! We want to be overly rewarded for our super powers! It's really quite easy you see - moms want to be touted upon and saturated in luxury. It shouldn't take a genius to decipher - that we'd rather have fancy gemstones + appliances over a monogrammed tennis visor - honestly, these are things we moms simply require! The above culmination is filled suitable suggestions - do let me know if you have any questions! So, should you be scouring for a gift for mom - heed my advice, go big + don't drop the bomb!

lipstick, pumps / Emeralds, Laundry Set / Candy, Jar / Bed Pillow, Cook Book, Silver Tray / Nail Polish, Ring / Yellow Sapphires, Mixer / Mom

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