The Ultimate Dinner Party


Have you ever sat and pondered what your ULTIMATE DINNER PARTY might look like?! What you'd serve, what you'd wear, and who you'd invite?! What if this ultimate dinner party had no limitations - the culinary team at FCI Catering + Events curating a menu befitting your wildest aspirations - a group of set designers orchestrating the decorations - and had none other than Mrs. John L Strong offer to print the menus, place cards and invitations???!!! If your head is about to explode and on the verge of spinning - your eyes bulging from your head and your mouth foaming while grinning - well then you're experiencing my same reaction and no, I'm not kidding! Town & Country Magazine felt like shaking things up a bit - they wanted an intimate dinner soiree oozing with elevated charm + fabulous wit - they passed me the baton and I was pretty giddy, I'll admit! What has transpired over the last two months has been nothing short of spiritual - together we've fashioned an affair so otherworldly it's nearly unimaginable!

With the event set for the 24th of May - I've but a few measly weeks until the big glittering day. While the pivotal components have already been appointed - I still have time to "OCD" over the details and cast the die on what has been avoided. You'll want to stay tuned as I'll be posting periodic updates - such as my hostess gown, the uber-guestlist, and hosting tips, as the magical night awaits. I'm utterly thrilled to have this opportunity and have the privilege to share it - I promise to dish on all the juicy drippings... by golly, I swear it!!



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